1717 East Park Street, Two Rivers WI 54241 (920) 793-5523


Two Rivers Water & Light

Two Rivers Water & Light
  • Customer Service: (920)793-5523
  • Business Hours:
  • Monday through Friday
  • 8:00AM to 4:30PM
  • Saturday and Sunday
  • Closed
  • 1717 E. Park Street
  • Two Rivers, WI 54241


Two Rivers Water & Light is proud to be locally owned and dedicated to meeting our customer's needs while helping to make the community a better place to live and work. This dedication has continued for over 100 years.

Unlike other big utility companies, Two Rivers Water & Light is a not-for-profit organization. That means we can put all our energy into doing good for Two Rivers. And it means investing in clean energy resources, new technology, and in the local economy. It also means helping to keep our customer's energy costs low.

Being a local utility, you can count on Two Rivers Water & Light when a quick response is needed, especially after a storm. We share in the local pride and that raises our commitment to energy efficiency and reliability.

Two Rivers Water & Light has partnered with WPPI Energy and 50 other local not-for-profit utilities to share resources and lower costs.

With public power from Two Rivers Water & Light, the good we do stays in Two Rivers.

WPPI Energy: The Power of Many

To provide member utilities with reliable, low‐cost electricity, best‐in‐class services and effective advocacy, helping to make our member communities better places to live, work and play.

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