1717 East Park Street, Two Rivers WI 54241 (920) 793-5523


Trash & Recycling

For a map of trash collection days, please click here

Trash & Recycling

Recycling Bins can be purchased at Customer Service counter located within City Hall.

Trash and recycling in the City of Two Rivers is picked up curbside. Instead of being billed for the service or adding it to the property taxes, trash stickers are required on each item placed out for pick-up. Each 30 gallons of garbage placed at the curb will require a sticker. Only garbage containers with stickers will be picked up. Stickers must be attached to the outside of bags or on the handle of cans.

Garbage may be contained in:

Stickers are available for $2.50 each at the following locations:

Click here for more information

Large Item Sticker Requirements

Because large items will not fit into a 30 gallon or
90 gallon container, the following list of stickers are
required for large items:

Other questions regarding trash removal may be directed to
Manitowoc Disposal at (920)682-7750.

Items Not Eligible for Pick-Up

Due to environmental and safety standards,
the landfill must refuse the following list of items:

Christmas Light Recycling

The Manitowoc County Recycling Center is accepting unwanted Christmas lights for FREE. Strings of lights are highly recyclable even with the bulbs in them. Bring them to the Recycling Center Main Office at 3000 Basswood Road Monday-Friday between 7am and 4pm. Click here to read more.