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Police Department's Neighborhood Watch Program

Start a Neighborhood Watch Program in your neighborhood and help us protect property, prevent crime, or save a life.

The Two Rivers Police Department and TRIAD are looking for members for the New Neighborhood Watch Program. The program is being rejuvenated and we need your support and help.

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program which requires the active participation of citizens in cooperation with their police department to reduce crime in their neighborhood.

It involves neighbors working together in a program of mutual assistance, that is neighbors looking out for each other.

It is the responsibility of watchers to report anything suspicious to the police (686-7200 or 911 in an emergency). The collective eyes and ears of the residents living in your neighborhood can become a very powerful tool in preventing crime in YOUR neighborhood.

To acquire more information on this program or any other crime prevention information please contact the Two Rivers Crime Prevention Unit at 920-793-7209 or e-mail us at crimeprevention@two-rivers.org.

Neighborhood Watch Program
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