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Police Department's Emergency Beacon Lights - TRIAD

"Flash a LIGHT, save a life." The Two Rivers TRAID is offering Emergency Beacon Lights for sale.

For many years the Two Rivers TRIAD Committee has offered these life saving devices. What is it? The Emergency Beacon Light is a simple replacement bulb that fits in any standard bulb socket. The difference with this light bulb from a standard bulb is that with a simple flip of a switch, this light will flash on and off automatically. When placed in a conspicuous place, such as in a front porch light, it can alert nieghbors to an emergency or help emergency responders to quickly find your home. This Beacon has been very popular among the senior community but is useful for people of all ages when faced with an emergency.

Emergency Beacon Lights are available at the Two Rivers Police Department for $12.00 (as compared to retail prices as much as $20.00). If you would like an Emergency Beacon Light or have any questions about their use, please contact the Two Rivers Crime Prevention Unit/TRIAD Committee at 920-793-7209 or e-mail us at triad@two-rivers.org.

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