Ben’s Ballroom: Foxtrot Fundamentals

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For over 30 years, Ben Cress of Studio BC in Manitowoc, has been teaching people of all ages and fitness levels how to bring the magic of dance into their daily routine and enjoy the countless health benefits connected to the practice of moving to music. Find a friend to share this life-changing, super-fun  challenge with and join us!
The DanceMeds: BALLROOM FUNDAMENTALS series focuses on the basic skills required to move to music and dance with a partner. Posture, Balance, Core-stability, Range Motion, Music Awareness and Establishing & Maintaining Connection with a partner are explored and practiced over this 4-week  session. Students must have a partner.
While some people dream of “dancing with the stars” others just dream of having fun “cutting-the-rug” with friends when beautiful music’s playing. Live the dream! Learn how to dance the FOXTROT with BEN CRESS from STUDIO BC and discover why dancing with a partner is such a super-healthy  practice for BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT. Register for the session along with a PRACTICE PARTNER who shares the interest in dance and is available to practice with for fun!
Bring smooth-soled shoes to class.

January 7-28, 2019
Rocheleau Gymnasium
6:00-8:00 PM
$50 per person*
Min: 6
Max: 30
*Students must have a partner
Bring: Smooth-soled shoes
Instructor: Ben Cress, Studio BC
Registration Deadline: December 28, 2018


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