Swim Instruction Course Descriptions

Swim instruction offered at various levels listed below.

Level 1– Skills include submerging face, blowing  bubbles, experiencing buoyancy, supported front and back float kick, and learning basic water safety rules. Pool Depth: 3 feet

Level 2-Skills include holding breath, rhythmic  breathing, orientation to deep water, prone and  supine floating and kicking, front and back crawl arm action, combined strokes using kick and arm  movement, turning over, and personal safety and rescue. Pool Depth: 3 feet 

Level 3– Skills include retrieving objects, jumping in and bobbing in deep water, prone and supine glide with push off, coordinating front and back crawl with breathing, and water safety techniques.  Pool Depth: 5 feet

Level 4-Skills include deep-water bobbing, rotary breathing, diving from side of pool, sculling on back, front and back crawl, and water safety techniques. Pool Depth: 5 feet

Level 5-Skills include alternate breathing, stride jump entry, diving progression, breastroke and sidestroke (10 yd), dolphin kick, and open turns.  Pool Depth: 8 feet

Level 6-Skills include sharpen strength and stamina in various strokes, turns, treading water (2 min), and enhanced safety techniques. Pool Depth: 8 feet

Level 7-Skills include review of all strokes, turns, and skills, retrieving diving brick, rescue assists, and  rescue equipment utilization. Pool Depth: 8 feet


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