Storm Water Main Repaired on Memorial Drive

You may have noticed encountered orange-and-white barrels and a lane closure on northbound Memorial Drive (STH 42) this week, in the area opposite the Roosevelt Avenue intersection.

This area marked the site of emergency repairs to a 4-foot diameter storm water main, which conveys storm water from a large area of the City’s south side to a discharge point at Lake Michigan.  The main passes beneath Memorial Drive and Mariners Trail to get there.

The problem was first detected in mid-November, when Mariners Trail in this area started to settle.  Mindful that the settling was right over the storm water line, the City undertook a video inspection of that line.

Collapsing of the corrugated metal pipe was noted.  Our Engineering Office then contacted WisDOT and the County Highway Commission to advise them of the need for repairs, and contracted with Kip Gulseth Construction to undertake the work.

The area in question was “opened up” this week.  The contractor installed a new manhole just lakeward of the highway guardrails, and new concrete pipe from there to the discharge point at Lake Michigan.

This repair project has taken care of the immediate problem with this storm sewer line. But the age and condition of the balance of that pipe, beneath the full width of Memorial   Drive, point to the need to address that remaining remainder portion.

In the coming months, the City will evaluate options for that work, which include either “open cut” construction and the related disruption to traffic, or possibly installing a plastic liner within the pipe.  That work will likely be programmed for next construction season.

These repairs are being funded from the City’s storm water utility, which has resources dedicated to repair and maintenance of the City’s storm sewer infrastructure.

Field Lighting Project Completed at Vietnam Vets Park

Installation of a new lighting system for the two upper diamonds (red and white fields) at Vietnam Veterans Park was recently completed.

The lighting system, which is all new from the electric service through the control panel, to the underground wiring, to the poles and lights, cost about $300,000.  The project was assisted by donations and fund-raising by Two Rivers Youth Sports.

The quality of the new LED lighting is amazing, and will help ensure the continued popularity of this facility for local league play and tournaments.

Major Men’s Fastpitch Tournament Booked for 2019

Speaking of tournaments, Two Rivers has been selected for a North American Fastpitch Association (NAFA) Men’s Softball World Series in 2019.

That tourney, expected to draw 52 teams from around the country, will be held in August, about a week after the annual girls’ softball “War on the Shore” tournament.

Large sports events like these softball tournaments have a major economic impact in the community, and introduce more people to what Two Rivers has to offer.

Two Rivers City Manager Greg Buckley can be contacted by calling 920-793-5532 or by e-mailing

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