Council Approves Contract for New Street

The City Council at its meeting on April 24 approved a contract with Vinton Construction for installing curbs and pavement on Lakefront Way.  This new street will connect Roosevelt Avenue with Memorial Drive, serving Holy Family Memorial’s new Lakefront Campus.

The contract is in the amount of $78,052.  It also includes closing and curbing off an existing median opening on Memorial Drive at School Street—a “non intersection,” since School Street does not extend out to Memorial Drive.

The Wisconsin DOT required closure of that median opening as a condition for granting a permit for Lakefront Way to access Memorial Drive/STH 42.

In addition to the work contracted to Vinton, City crews have done prep work on the street corridor, including preparation of the base for the new street and installation of storm sewer.  Estimated cost for that work is $20,000.

Later in the summer, City crews will install a new bike/ped trail connection along the east side of the new street, from Roosevelt to Memorial.  This is a location where the City hopes to install a bike/ped crossing in the near future, to provide a safe crossing opportunity to Mariners Trail.

Area Residents to Visit Domažlice, Czech Republic

A contingent of ten areas residents depart this weekend for a visit to the City of Domažlice, in the Czech Republic.

This visit marks a milestone in a budding sister city relationship between Two Rivers and that city of about 23,000 in the Pilsen region of the western Czech Republic.

As I have written in recent columns, this relationship comes as the result of an historic relationship between Domažlice and long-time Two Rivers resident Matt Konop, an American G.I. who led a company of American soldiers that liberated the Czech city at the end of WW II.

Next week’s initial exchange visit is timed to coincide with Domažlice’s Liberation Festival, celebrating the city’s liberation by a company of G.I.’s, led by that young man, whose grandparents had emigrated to America from that very city.

Matt Konop’s story is celebrated in a one-man stage show performed by his grandson, Patrick Dewane.  Patrick has been key to the establishment of this exchange between TR and Domažlice, where he has performed “The Accidental Hero” on several occasions.

Incidentally, “The Accidental Hero” will be performed locally at the Capitol Civic Center on Tuesday, May 23, at 7:30 PM; tickets are now available.

Two Rivers city officials and members of the local sister city committee will meet at City Hall at noon on Thursday of this week to live-stream a proclamation signing ceremony related to the exchange, on Facebook and via the City’s website.

The proclamation, printed at the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum, will accompany the Two Rivers delegation to Domažlice, where it will be presented to Mayor Miroslav Mach and other city officials.

Thanks to all of the Two Rivers and area residents who are moving this sister city initiative forward with such energy and enthusiasm.   We hope to host a delegation from Domažlice some time in 2018.

Two Rivers City Manager Greg Buckley can be contacted by calling 920-793-5532 or by e-mailing

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