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Fire Department's Fire Extinguisher Training

The City of Two Rivers Fire Department provides fire extinguisher training to the general public. Fire fighters provide numerous classes to various groups throughout the City. Groups include industries, businesses, school faculties and the general public. There is no charge for the program, but there is a cost for the use of fire department fire extinguishers.

Participants are educated on the different types of extinguishers and the different classes of fire that they may encounter. We stress the safety aspects of using the right type of extinguisher for the right fire. We stress that one extinguisher is not compatible for every type of fire.

Students participating in the class utilize a hands on approach and demonstrate the ability to use a pressurized water extinguisher. The students put out a fire with the PASS technique. Pass is the acronym for Pull the pin, Aim low, Squeeze the lever and Sweep at the base of the fire. These classes are conducted using fire (Propane in a tin pan) in a controlled setting and then extinguishing the fire with a multi-purpose dry chemical extinguisher.

Any Questions concerning the classes please contact the Two Rivers Fire Department at(920)793-5521

Fire Extinguisher Training
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