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Fire Department's Administration

The Two Rivers Fire Department is a combination fire department providing emergency and non emergency services for related fire and emergency medical service incidents. The department also supports the Manitowoc County Hazardous Materials Team, provides paramedic intercepts to rural services, inter-facility transports from hospitals, along with mutual aid to neighboring fire and EMS departments. Personnel provide fire inspections for commercial properties along with an array of public education activities including CPR and First aid.

The department is staffed by a total of 17 personnel; this is three shifts of five cross trained personnel working 24 hour shifts, an eight hour per day Assistant Chief, an Administrative Assistant and the Chief. There are also 10 paid on call personnel utilized for support in fire and other emergency responses. There is one fire station serving approximately 7 square miles of city property and a population of 11,777 residents.

Fire Chief Scott Schneider was appointed to this position in July of 2010. Chief Schneider is responsible for the administration of the City of Two Rivers Fire Department covering supervisory and technical aspects in planning, implementing fire protection and suppression efforts, and providing emergency medical services. The chief directly oversees the officer staff and personnel of the fire department through shift interaction and direct contact.

Chief Schneider is a 27 year veteran of the Two Rivers Fire Department, hired in 1989. He has earned and Associate Degree in Fire Science from Lakeshore Technical College and a Bachelor Degree in Fire Administration from Lakeland College. He has taken numerous classes through the National Fire Academy and is a graduate of the Executive Fire Officer Program at the National Fire Academy. He has also taken several classes in Incident Management and is a current member of the Incident Management Team of Brown County.

Chief Schneider has also served in several officer position of the Manitowoc County EMS Association and is involved in the Manitowoc County Firefighters Association and the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) Division.

The City of Two Rivers Fire Department is organized into divisions of operations with each operation headed by an officer, either an assistant chief or captain. The Captain’s position is responsible for oversight of training on their respective shift.

Administrative Assistant Debbie Timm

Administrative Assistant Debbie Timm has been with the department since 1994. Originally hired as a part-time secretary, her position has evolved into the current administrative assistant position. In addition to receptionist duties, Debbie is responsible for payroll, liaison to our EMS billing agency, records management, invoicing, budget preparation, and administering the Hospital Equipment Loan Program.

Assistant Chief Dave Murack

Assistant Chief Dave Murack has been with the department since 1999. He was promoted to his current rank in May of 2015. Assistant Chief Murack is tasked with overseeing the Division of Emergency Operations. His responsibilities encompass the development and implementation of all EMS and Fire training, including objective and practical training. Assistant Chief Murack is the department’s EMS Service Director and responsible for maintaining the Critical Care Paramedic licensure which includes coordination and implementation of required training. Dave is also our lead person involved with Community Outreach linking individuals to services they need.

Captain Randy Pinchard

Captain Randy Pinchard has been with the department since 1990. Randy was promoted to Lieutenant in March of 2004 and titled as Captain in May of 2016. Randy is currently the officer in charge of the Division of Fire Code Management. He is responsible for fire safety inspections, code development, code enforcement, and training of personnel in related tasks. Captain Pinchard works closely with the Building Inspector of Two Rivers for changes in occupancy and new construction. Consultations are provided to occupants of commercial properties for related items.

Captain Lee Stadler

Captain Lee Stadler has been with the department since 1992. Lee was promoted to Lieutenant in July of 2004 and titled as Captain in May of 2016. Lee currently is the officer in charge of Support Services. In that capacity Lee is responsible for department purchasing, equipment and vehicle maintenance, and building and grounds maintenance. In addition, Lee coordinates the department's Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team, the Youth Fire Setter Program, and Arson Investigation Team.

Captain Kris Klein

Captain Kris Klein has been with the department since 1999. Kris was promoted to Captain in May of 2016. With changes in organizational structure and responsibility, Kris is working to become involved with and oversee the department buildings and grounds including needed maintenance and service. Captain Klein also coordinates the fire department's participation in the Citizen Academy. Kris will continue to expand his responsibilities with the re-organization of the department.

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