1717 East Park Street, Two Rivers WI 54241 (920) 793-5523


Two Rivers City Council

About the City Council

The Two Rivers City Council is the municipal body that passes city ordinances, appropriate funds, and governs the city. The city council consists of nine individual members, elected at-large to represent the entire City of Two Rivers and one City Manager, hired to maintain the city's day to day operations. To read more about the city manager, Greg Buckley, click here.

2018 - 2019 City Councilmembers

Two Rivers City Councilmember Jack Powalisz

Jack Powalisz


Two Rivers City Councilmember Erin Gonnerman

Erin Gonnerman


Two Rivers City Council Vice-President Patrick Gagnon

Patrick Gagnon


  • 1113A 17th Street
  • Two Rivers, WI 54241
  • Phone: 920-793-2955
  • Email: pgagnon@two-rivers.org
  • Term Expires April 2018
Two Rivers City Council Councilmember Mark Bittner

Mark Bittner


  • 3311 Monroe Street
  • Two Rivers, WI 54241
  • Phone: 920-242-6724
  • Email: mbittner@two-rivers.org
  • Term Expires April 2019
Two Rivers City Councilmember John Casavant

John Casavant


Two Rivers City Councilmember Darla LeClair

Darla LeClair


Two Rivers City Councilmember Bonnie Shimulunas

Bonnie Shimulunas


Two Rivers City Councilmember Curt Andrews

Curt Andrews


  • 3207 Adams Street
  • Two Rivers, WI 54241
  • Phone: 214-215-4642
  • Email: candrews@two-rivers.org
  • Term Expires April 2021
Two Rivers City Councilmember David England

David England


Two Rivers City Manager Greg Buckley

Greg Buckley

City Manager

The elected officials listed above hereby authorize the release of the information contained on this page. Dated April 17, 2018