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Housing Assistance

Community Development Block Grant

Housing Rehabilitation

The City of Two Rivers has a Community Development Block Grant Loan Revolving Loan Fund (CDBG RLF) that can assist with rehabilitation of houses for activities such as new roofs, painting, or a new furnace.


To be eligible, your income must be below the limits based on your household size:

Household Size
1 Person $41,650
2 Person $47,600
3 Person $53,550
4 Person $59,450
5 Person $64,250
6 Person $69,000
7 Person $73,730
8 Person $78,500

The funds are available at a 0% interest rate until the home is re-financed, sold, is no longer the applicant's primary residence, or after 30 years. The loan is secured by a mortgage on the property.



City of Two Rivers CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Application

Transform Two Rivers Curb Appeal Home Loan

This program offers low interest loans to enhance the exterior appearance of residential property. Loans of up to $10,000 may be available to qualifying property owners.

Curb Appeal Loan Application

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