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City Assessor


The mission of the City of Two Rivers Assessor's office is to administer the real and personal property assessment function in a highly technical and competent manner by providing a service which insures public confidence in the accuracy and fairness of all assessments in accordance with Wisconsin statutes and to prepare the annual assessment roll (the official record of all taxable real and personal property within the City of Two Rivers) while providing the best possible service.

About the City Assessor

This office is responsible for valuing all property within the City for property tax purposes except manufacturing facilities. The work in this office revolves around a yearly cycle. In September the department starts the preliminary work for real estate and personal property assessments. By January the office is busy processing the Personal Property Statements returned by the local businesses. From March through May the Assessor is reviewing property assessment changes which have to be completed by the time the Board of Review meets in May. The months of June, July and August are usually devoted to mapping, projects and reorganizing the office. In order to accomplish its valuation tasks, the department maintains a complete set of property ownership maps and individual information cards for each of the 5,000 plus real estate parcels in the City. All real estate transfers showing ownership changes are processed by the department on a monthly basis. Because it possesses this large data base, the department serves as an invaluable information resource for all matters pertaining to real estate and its value.

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